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​Ahead of Memory Loss is our companion book with direct, upfront answers, tools, and techniques for those diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment who want to do all they can to succeed against the onset of memory loss.

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ry Loss
Caring for a loved one with dementia is one of the greatest challenges one might face in life. It requires resilience, creativity, planning, and knowledge of the multiple facets of memory care. Ahead of Dementia is an essential tool for family caregivers.

Ahead of Dementia is on YouTube:
​Check out our series of short videos, each one addressing a different aspect of memory care, providing useful strategies for managing symptoms commonly associated with dementia.

Doctors diagnose, nurses heal,
​and caregivers make sense of it all.
Brett H. Lewis

Un Paso
​de la Demencia

Una Guia Completa para el Familiar Cuidador

​of Memory Loss

A Real-World Guide for Smart Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment


of Dementia

​​​​A Real-World, Upfront, Straightforward
Step-by-Step Guide ​for Family Caregivers

There is a lot of great information in this book. I like the way it speaks to me in a very clear way. It is almost as if Luciana were talking directly to me. And the tables are so helpful! — Steve, Caregiver for his mom

My husband and I have suffered from his dementia for a dozen years now. As a caregiver, how I wish I had this wonderful detailed guidebook with me every step of the way. Ahead of Dementia is the map I needed to get me from "Something is wrong with my darling" to "OMG, he has a progressive brain disease" to "I'm losing more of my husband every day and this is not the man I married" to "how can I communicate with him now? to "what can I do about in-home help and respite care? How can I afford that?" to "I just can't care for him at home any more. What are my choices for long-term care?" Even to hospice care. He has been on and off hospice twice now. Every one of those concerns and so many more are covered with wit and clarity and compassion in Luciana Mitzkun's book. — Ariadne, Caregiver for her husband

I've learned so much from this book! I wish the doctor had taken the time to explain it all to us when we got the diagnosis. It really opened our eyes to what to expect next and empowered us get better care for my husband's health! — Ruth, Caregiver for her husband